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Route Camera Location
US14 Antelope Butte 2.9 miles south of the Big Horn/Sheridan County Line (mm 35.07)
US14 Granite Pass At the Big Horn / Sheridan County Line (mm 38.95)
US14 Burgess Jct Near Burgess Junction (mm 47.75)
US14 Dayton 0.3 miles southwest of Dayton (mm 82.59)
US14 Sunny Divide 15.58 miles west of Sundance (mm 185.89)
US14A Powell 0.94 miles west of Powell (mm 21.92)
US14/US16 Ucross 0.13 miles southwest of Ucross (mm 27.83)
US14/US16/US20 Cody (West) 0.6 miles west of Cody (mm 48.39)
US14/US16/US20 Eagle Pass 8.13 miles east of Cody (mm 64.5)
US14/US16/US20 US 14/16/20 / WYO 32 Junction 8.13 miles east of Cody (mm 86.26)
US16 Worland (East) 1.87 miles east of Worland (mm 3.45)
US16 Big Horn County Line 16 miles east of Tensleep (mm 44.01)
US16 Powder River Pass 3.13 miles east of the Washakie / Johnson County Line (mm 55.6)
US16 Buffalo 2.27 miles west of Buffalo (mm 88.56)
US16/US20/WY789 Manderson 11.14 miles south of Basin (mm 184.6)
US16/US20/WY789 Greybull (South) 0.73 miles south of Greybull (mm 202.87)
US189 Lincoln / Uinta County Line 12.22 miles south of Kemmerer (mm 21)
US189 US189/WYO240 Junction At the Junction of WYO 240 (mm 57.5)
US189 Marbleton North At the junction of WYO 351 (mm 109.38)
US189/US191 Warren Bridge 9.3 miles north of Daniel Junction (mm 119.9)
US189/US191 Hoback Rim 13.6 miles southeast of Bondurant (mm 129.1)
US189/US191 Bondurant 1.4 miles north of Bondurant (mm 144.1)
US189/US191/US26/US89 US 89 / WYO 22 Junction Inside Jackson City Limits (mm 153.045)
US18/US20 Lusk 3.28 miles west of Lusk (mm 37.6)
US18/US85 Redbird Rd 11.04 miles south of Mule Creek Junction Rest Area (mm 185)
US18/US85 Mule Creek Junction 0.04 miles south of the Mule Creek Junction Rest Area (mm 196)
US191 Farson Inside Farson city limits (mm 40.45)
US191 Sand Draw At the junction of WYO 351 (mm 76.75)
US191 Pinedale 6 miles west of Pinedale (mm 105.5)
US191 Minnies Gap 0.23 miles north of the Utah State Line (mm 551.16)
US20 Duck Creek 8.2 miles west of the Nebraska State Line (mm 55)
US20 Van Tassell 5.39 miles west of the Nebraska State Line (mm 57.85)
US20/US26 Natrona Inside Natrona city limits (mm 30)
US20/US26 Waltman 50.36 miles west of Casper (mm 53.2)
US20/US26 Hiland 54.56 miles west of Casper (mm 57.4)
US20/US26 Moneta Near Moneta (mm 79.1)
US20/WY789 Shoshoni (North) 0.71 miles north of Shoshoni (mm 101.18)
US20/WY789 Boysen Dam 13.53 miles north of Shoshoni (mm 112.9)
US20/WY789 Wind River Canyon 9.5 miles south of Thermopolis (mm 122)
US20/WY789 Thermopolis (South) 3.64 miles south of Thermopolis (mm 127.86)
US20/WY789 Kirby Junction 10.48 miles north of Thermopolis (mm 144.59)
US20/WY789 Worland (South) 1.87 miles east of Worland (mm 164.17)
US212 Colony 8.5 miles northwest of the South Dakota State Line (mm 8.5)
US26 Kinnear Junction 1 mile west of Kinnear (mm 114.6)
US26/US287 Blackrock Ranger Station 8.1 miles east of Moran Junction (mm 8.1)
US26/US287 Wind River Lake 0.7 miles west of Teton/Fremont County Line (mm 26.05)
US26/US287 Dubois 1.75 miles west of Dubois (mm 53.25)
US26/US287 Crowheart Inside Crowheart city limits (mm 85.2)
US26/US287 Diversion Dam 16 miles north of Fort Washakie (mm 96.38)
US26/US89 Hoback Junction At the junction of US 26/89 and US 189/191 (mm 141.3)
US26/WY789 Eleven Mile Hill 9.6 miles southwest of Shoshoni (mm 117.3)
US287 Midway 10.91 miles north of the Colorado State Line (mm 414.5)
US287 Pumpkin Vine 5.06 miles north of the Colorado State Line (mm 420.4)
US287/US30 Hanna Junction 3.11 miles west of Hanna Junction (mm 249.6)
US287/US30 Rock River 1 mile north of Rock River (mm 288.2)
US287/US30 Bosler Junction Near the Junction of WY 34 (mm 311.2)
US287/WY789 Willow Hill 11.6 miles north of Rawlins (mm 14.7)
US287/WY789 Jeffrey City Inside Jeffrey City limits (mm 23.02)
US287/WY789 Beaver Rim 5.99 miles west of the Sweetwater Station Rest Area (mm 48.1)
US287/WY789 Lander Junction of US 287 and WYO 789 (mm 81)
US30 Sage Junction 8 miles east of the Utah State Line (mm 34)
US30 Nugget Canyon 12.79 miles west of Kemmerer (mm 39.7)
US30 Opal 0.25 miles east of Opal (mm 70.2)
US30P Kemmerer POE Inside Kemmerer city limits (mm 52.5)
US310/WY789 Blue Hill 11.16 miles southeast of Lovell (mm 225.08)
US310/WY789 Frannie POE 2.33 miles south of the Montana State Line (mm 254.7)
US85 Gun Barrel 7 miles south of the Meriden Rest Area (mm 46.8)
US85 Lovercheck Hill 11.4 miles south of Hawk Springs (mm 60)
US85 Rawhide Creek 5.36 miles south of Jay Em (mm 121.82)
US85 Four Corners 9.4 miles west of the South Dakota State Line (mm 247.2)
US89 Salt Pass 8.71 miles south of Smoot (mm 69)
US89 Thayne 0.44 miles south of Thayne (mm 99)
US89 Alpine Junction At the junction of US 26 (mm 118.3)
WY110 WYO 110 Devils Tower At the entrance to Devils Tower National Monument (mm 0.585)
WY120 Gooseberry Rest Area 6 miles south of the Hot Springs / Park County Line (mm 37.1) (mm 37.1)
WY120 Meeteetse Rim 9.5 miles north of Meeteetse (mm 61.2)
WY120 Skull Creek Hill 8 miles north of Cody (mm 109.5)
WY130 Green Rock Trailhead 7.25 miles east of the Albany / Carbon County Line (mm 33.9)
WY135 Cedar Rim 12.3 miles north of Sweetwater Station Junction (mm 22.3)
WY210 Wildcat Trail 17.6 miles west of Cheyenne (mm 21.52)
WY210 Hynds Lodge Rd 20.61 miles west of Cheyenne (mm 24.55)
WY216 Albin Near Albin (mm 16.5)
WY22 WYO 22 / WYO 390 Junction 4.3 miles west of Wilson (mm 4.055)
WY22 Wilson 1.4 miles west of Wilson (mm 6.9)
WY22 Teton Pass 8.8 miles west of Jackson (mm 11.2)
WY22 Idaho State Line 0.2 miles east of the Idaho State Line (mm 17.3)
WY220 Muddy Gap Junction of WYO 220 and US 287/WYO 789 (mm 45)
WY220 Pathfinder 17.2 miles west of the WYO 220/487 Junction (mm 80.1)
WY220 Mile Marker 97 Junction of WYO 220 and WYO 487 - Clark's Corner (mm 97.81)
WY230 Woods Creek 8.84 miles northeast of the Colorado State Line (mm 33.2)
WY230 Skyline 13.86 miles north of the Colorado State Line (mm 113.2)
WY230 Colorado Line 0.66 miles north of the Colorado State Line (mm 126.4)
WY24 WYO 24 / WYO 110 Junction - Devils Tower Junction of WYO 24 and WYO 110 - Devils Tower (mm 5.98)
WY251 Casper Mountain Road 1.7 miles south of Casper (mm 5.25)
WY258 WYO 258 Outer Drive Inside Casper city limits (mm 13.77)
WY28 Oregon Buttes 1.96 miles south of South Pass Rest Area (mm 32.35)
WY28 Sweetwater River 0.7 miles north of South Pass Rest Area (mm 35)
WY28 South Pass 26.8 miles south of the WYO 28/789 Junction (mm 41.4)
WY28 Louis Lake 23.2 miles south of the WYO 28/789 Junction (mm 45)
WY28 Limestone Mountain 15 miles south of the WYO 28/789 Junction (mm 53.16)
WY28 Upper Red Canyon 10.2 miles south of the WYO 28/789 Junction (mm 58)
WY28 Lower Red Canyon 8.3 miles south of the WYO 28/789 Junction (mm 59.71)
WY28 Johnny Lee's Corner 5.2 miles south of the WYO 28/789 Junction (mm 63.03)
WY296 Chief Joseph 5.5 miles northwest of the Shoshone National Forest Boundary (mm 32.71)
WY34 Sybille Canyon 5.9 miles southwest of Albany/Platte County Line (mm 24.7)
WY372 WYO372/WYO28 Junction At the junction of WYO 28 (mm 26.8)
WY387 Pugsley Hill 2.2 miles northeast of the WYO 192 Junction (mm 115)
WY387 Pine Tree Junction At the junction of WYO 50 (mm 131.79)
WY414 McKinnon 6.3 miles east of the Uinta / Sweetwater County Line (mm 134)
WY430 Rife Ridge 6.1 miles north of the Colorado State Line (mm 49)
WY487 Medicine Bow Inside Medicine Bow city limits (mm 0.6)
WY487 Shirley Rim 10 miles south of the Natrona County Line (mm 37)
WY487 WYO 487 / WYO 77 Junction At the junction of WYO 77 (mm 46.03)
WY59 Douglas 0.2 miles north of Douglas (mm 3.3)
WY59 Mile Marker 23 20.3 miles North of Douglas (mm 23.4)
WY59 Cheyenne River Rest Area 40 miles north of Douglas (mm 43.1)
WY59 Jenne Trail 7.5 miles south of the Campbell / Converse County Line (mm 49)
WY59 Belle Fourche 19.86 miles south of Gillette (mm 87)
WY789 Overland Trail Monument 19.18 miles south of Creston Junction (mm 19.18)
WY789 Riverton 0.36 miles south of Riverton (mm 103.8)
WY89 Raymond 4.1 miles north of Border Junction (mm 49.5)