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Camera Location
Colorado State Line 1.25 miles north of the Colorado State Line (mm 1.25)
Wyo Hill 3.51 miles south of Cheyenne (mm 3.52)
Cheyenne South POE 0.63 miles south of Cheyenne (mm 6.4)
College Drive Inside Cheyenne city limits (mm 8.05)
Cheyenne North Inside Cheyenne city limits (mm 15.8)
Whitaker 11.87 miles north of Cheyenne (mm 28.1)
Bear Creek 7.73 miles south of Chugwater (mm 46.77)
Chugwater North 2.94 miles north of Chugwater (mm 59.4)
Bordeaux Interchange 10 miles south of Wheatland (mm 70.8)
Dwyer Junction 11.4 miles north of Wheatland (mm 92.3)
Coleman 17.8 miles north of Wheatland (mm 98.7)
Platte/Converse County Line 15.54 miles south of Douglas (mm 119.9)
Orin Junction 8.97 miles south of Douglas (mm 126.47)
East Douglas 1.74 miles east of Douglas (mm 133.7)
Natural Bridge Interchange Located at Natural Bridge Interchange (mm 151.2)
Deer Creek 0.8 miles east of Glenrock Exit 165 (mm 164.2)
Hat Six Hat Six Exit near Casper (mm 181.67)
Casper Inside Casper city limits (mm 186.8)
F Street Hill Inside Casper city limits (mm 189.51)
Twenty Mile Hill 12.86 miles north of Casper (mm 207.2)
Smokey Gap Junction of WYO 387 (mm 228.58)
Tisdale Divide 3 miles north of Tisdale Mountain Rd Interchange (mm 238.87)
I-25 Divide North of Kaycee (mm 267.3)
Mile Marker 272 6.62 miles north of Reno Road Interchange (mm 272.1)
Trabing Interchange 6.92 miles south of Buffalo (mm 291.1)