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Frequently Asked Questions

Wyoming 511


What information does the map provide?
The map-based feature provides pre-trip information. Users can choose to view a conditions layer or a camera layer. The color-coded conditions layer shows impact-based road conditions and traffic hazards. An option to view colors designed for the color-impaired is available in the general settings. The cameras layer provides users with images from WYDOT's statewide webcam network.

Additional layers, such as road construction and weather sensors, are planned for future releases of the app.

What do the circles containing numbers on the map mean?
When there are multiple icons on the map close together at a given zoom level, they are combined into clusters. If you click on a cluster, the map will zoom in to the next extent in the vicinity of the icons in that cluster.


What am I supposed to hear in Hands-Free/Eyes-Free mode?
On most state maintained highways, travelers will hear road condition information for the road they are on. The app is not designed to provide condition information on city streets or county roads. Travelers will hear traffic incident information within a user-defined radius regardless of which route the incident occurred on.

The voice cadence makes it difficult to understand conditions.
You can change the voice pitch, cadence and the pause between updates in the app settings. For Android phones, go to Settings> Hands-Free> Speech. For Apple phones, go to the Settings on the Hands-Free/Eye-Free screen.

How can I increase the volume on Hands-Free/Eye-Free?
The volume of the app is dependent on the speakers of the mobile device. If the volume on the phone cannot be increased to an acceptable level, users may find that connecting to a car's speakers with a bluetooth connection or using a wired or bluetooth earpiece will help to hear the audible alerts.

How do I stop Hands-Free/Eyes-Free mode?
In order to completely stop the Hands-Free/Eyes-Free mode, a user must be on the Hands Free screen and press the "Stop" button.

Does my phone sound a notification before it speaks in hands-free/eyes-free mode?
To hear a notification sound in hands-free/eyes-free mode, make sure your notification sounds are turned on for your device.

I can't hear hands-free/eyes-free updates
Make sure your volume is turned up.


What does the "Where Am I?" do?
The "Where Am I?" feature uses GPS technology to identify the user's location by route and mile marker (along with latitude and longitude coordinates), which can then be sent to family, friends, or emergency responders, if needed. The location information provides accuracy on state maintained highways within one-tenth of a mile. WYDOT does not collect any personally identifiable information.


Why is it important to have location services turned on?
Location services give you location-based road condition and traffic incident information in hands-free, eyes-free mode. The GPS on your phone is used to determine which road you are on and to tailor condition reports. Your location information is not sent to WYDOT.

How often are conditions updated?
The app requests updated condition information from WYDOT every 15 minutes. If you are outside of cell coverage, another request will not be sent until the next 15-minute mark. This is configurable on Android. Users can select various update intervals by going to Settings> Network> Data Update Interval.

Why does the app request to "read phone status and identity" or "modify or delete the contents of your SD card" and "read the contents of your SD card"?

  • WYDOT does not collect any personally identifiable information nor do we collect any information at all.
  • The app needs to read the phone status and identity in order to operate correctly when the user receives a phone call.
  • The app needs precise location to display the user's location on the map and to provide accurate information for the hands-free and Where Am I? features.
  • The app needs to modify or delete contents of your SD card because it uses the card, if available, to store and update road condition information.
  • The app needs full network access so that it can correctly handle metered and unmetered internet connections (cellular, Wi-Fi, etc.) and so that it can honor the user's roaming data setting.

Conditions didn't update.
Some settings designed to preserve battery life can prevent the app from getting condition updates. Make sure your phone is not in a power save mode.

Supported Versions
This app was developed to work on Android 4.1 or later.