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Wyoming 511

November 16, 2016

Last year, the Wyoming Department of Transportation sent out 18.27 million email messages and 22.86 million text messages. So far, we are on track to surpass that number in 2016. We understand how important these messages are to travelers as they make travel decisions.

WYDOT will be streamlining and reformatting the 511 Notify messages to respond to concerns from subscribers who have said the number of messages sent during storms can be overwhelming. Our overall goal is to reduce the number of messages that are sent and better manage costs associated with the 511 Notify service.

Going forward, closure messages will remain largely the same, however, an estimated opening time will be provided if one is available.

The alert messages are the most changed and will now give the recipient a summary of the active alerts they should expect to encounter on a segment without giving the specific location of each alert.

WYDOT will also be discontinuing the "resend" of active messages at 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. For example, in the future if someone is only subscribed to daytime messages (6 a.m. - 8 p.m.) they will not receive a message at 6 a.m. for any alerts that went into effect during the nighttime period. They will need to check one of WYDOT's other information systems to determine the current conditions/closures.

Lastly, WYDOT is discontinuing messaging for speed limit reductions. Instead this information can be found at http://www.wyoroad.info/Highway/conditions/VSL.html or https://map.wyoroad.info/wtimap/index.html.

In addition to changing the way we share information through 511 Notify, WYDOT has been working to create new avenues to share travel information. Earlier this year, we launched the Wyoming 511 mobile app for Android and Apple phones. (Click here to learn more.) The app is designed to provide information to drivers as they travel through voice alerts and to provide pre-trip information via a map. We are also making our traveler information map mobile friendly and have a number of different products geared toward commercial vehicle operators and businesses that require employees to travel or cater to travelers.

If you have any questions about the changes to 511 Notify or would like to learn more about the programs WYDOT has to share road condition information, email wyoroad@wyo.gov.